Monday, August 22, 2011

Smells Like Frances Bean's Spirit

Have you guys seen Frances Bean Cobain's black and white portraits, taken by renowned photographer Hedi Slimane?

I remember my sister asking me how Kurt's and Courtney's offspring looked like and I replied, "She looks like a bean. Nothing like her beautiful parents. (Come on, Courtney Love was beautiful before she disfigured her face with too much plastic surgery!)" Days after that, I learned that the world wide web was going crazy over her photos. I checked them myself and damn is she gorgeous!!! I had to swallow back what I earlier said to my sister and agree with what everyone's saying--Frances Bean Cobain is the perfect combination of her parents' beautiful features. She's all grown-up. And did I already say she's gorgeous?

The above photos are my failed attempts to do my own version of the Hedi Slimane-shot photos. Please don't laugh at me. Thank you.

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