Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love for the Duchess

When Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement to the whole world, my reaction was something like this: She's going to be a princess and she's NOT THAT pretty?!

Okay, don't get me wrong. I wasn't hating because I was one of the millions of girls out there wishing  she were in Katie Kate's shoes.

I'm talking about them.
And I wasn't hating at all. It's just that I've been a devout fan of the late Princess Di (thanks to my Mom's obsession over her) and thus my brain's been wired to somehow think that all princess should look as beautiful and regal as this:

But last week, I was browsing through pictures of Kate M.'s during her visit to Canada and California with her husband and there's something in her that made me, uhm, love her a little. Okay, I confess. I love her now!

So what is it, you ask? 

Her sartorial choices. Specifically, her very CLASSY/IC, VINTAGE, CHIC, TASTEFUL yet MODERN sartorial choices. I know her clothes are not jaw-dropping, like fashion-forward jaw-dropping, but her style exudes elegance, class and refinement. I've always professed that I love classic, vintage and timeless style and fashion (and that's why I don't really like following fashion trends) so when I saw what she wore during her trip to the North, it didn't matter that she wasn't Princess-Diana-pretty. I now respect this woman.

Very chic and sophisticated. I'll look for a similar ensemble for work. :)

Keeping it casual and laid-back. Ooooh, very nice.

I love this gown that she wore to the BAFTA soiree in California. It's very simple yet elegant. And classy.

I love the lace details on the shoulder! I must find a similar dress!!!

I'm not a big fan of the maple-leaf inspired hat but I absolutely love the cream wrap-around dress. And her shell-shaped, tasseled gold clutch is just love!

Little Miss Sunshine! I love her yellow dress! I saw a similar one at a department store! I'll definitely get it next week! :)

Bloody lovely. :)

I've seen her wear several dove-gray dresses. It must be one of her favorite colors.

Oooooh, I saw a navy blue lace dress that's similar to this piece she's wearing! I'll get it next week too! Yay! (And BOO! to getting broke!)

This wasn't taken during their C & C trip but I just had to include this one. Too pretty for words.


Aaaaah. I love this green dress of hers. And on her. I must find a similar one.
I must say I am now a Kate-konvert. She's definitely in my list of fashion/style icons/idols. I can't wait to see what she'll be wearing next in her public appearances!


  1. I think the cream dress was one of two dresses she used for her engagement dress. It's known as the "Reiss dress". It's very pretty! :)

  2. Lay! You're definitely right! OMG, she's so down-to-earth! I mean, this is not the first time she's recycled a wardrobe of hers! She can afford all the clothes she wants in the world...but no, she opts to recycle whenever she can! I love her! :)))