Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dresses, Shoes and Women are Mint to Be

Yesterday, I got my pay for the week. Yesterday also, I spent almost the entirety of that pay on shoes, dresses and really pretty blazers. Ahhhh, the dilemma of being a woman. I'll post pictures of my shameless purchases hopefully this coming weekend. Maybe then you'll see why I couldn't resist buying them. I'm actually now wearing one of the dresses, one of the blazers and one of pairs of shoes I bought last night for the Pilipinas Natin event later this afternoon. The event will be graced by President Noynoy himself. Hence my extra effort to dress up. :)

Speaking of dresses, I am currently obsessing over mint green dresses. I saw one at the SM Makati Department Store last April while I was looking for a dress to wear for the oath-taking ceremony but it's freakin' expensive. It's almost P6,000! But it's really, really pretty. I hope it's on sale by now. I can't wait to have it as an addition to my miserably empty closet.

Here are some photos of mint green dresses I found on the net. Aren't they beautiful? The color just looks very cool and calming in  the eyes.

I WANT. Nuff said.
Why not? :)

Freida Pinto looks very regal and ravishing in this mint green gown.

It's for kids, I know, but I think it'd be great if there would be a version for adults. :)

This is very lovely. I must have something similar to this in my closet.

Oooh, I want.

Incidentally, I don't see celebrities wearing this color that much. I think it's time this color become the new black. It's too pretty it deserves to be seen more on the red carpet...or in any ordinary lady's wardrobe.

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